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BMBrice 1.1.2019 edit delete
Hi! Welcome to the world of the Supercell Online Graphic Novel!

Thank you for taking the time to check it out! I really hope you enjoy the ride. As of this first update, I have about 370 pages to post, so I'm gonna be uploading the comic one scene per day until I get there! ^^

Here's a quick primer for what kind of content you can expect. This is a story about a hot-headed, magically powered child-soldier trying her best to prove her worth; especially to her father, who is the headmaster at a secret military training facility that masquerades as a snobby, rich kid, inter-cultural school. Her antics end up accidentally uncovering a security breach, and a plot that threatens her home. Ultimately it rests on her and her best friends to stand up against it.

I've been told that it's kind of like if you mashed Harry Potter and Fullmetal Alchemist, except everyone is some kind of Digimon, haha. And... yeah, I can't really dispute that! You'll find tons of character designs (an explanation for which will be offered in the comic sometime, but feel free to read through the lore ^^), fun magical shenanigans, fancy sci-fi tech, a wide variety of character personalities, ya know fun stuff!

I'll be building on the site layout a bit more over time. Meanwhile, you can find more "stuff" about the comic at https://www.supercellcomic.com !

Enjoy the read!

P.S. This is just me, but looking at my old pages is slightly cringey. I promise the art gets a lot better over time lol
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